With A Vengeance?

It's sometimes an embarrassing affair to return to a neglected blog. One can't simply flounce in with a cheerily announced "I'm back!" when you know you've kept (a very few) people waiting. Thankfully, you've all been patient with my slothful silence and even kindly refrained from leaving impatient comments (the digital equivalent of watch-glancing, toe-tapping). I'm coming back around the corner, and while I detest the idea of needing the change of a calendar to make a change in your life, I'm determined to make millenial decade dos a different beast. Therefore, playing the hit-or-miss renagade writer will give way to a new role for Trespasser. As you know, I have multiple interests - I work at a bookstore, write film critiques and have a weekly radio program (not to mention working as a dancer and actor). I don't have these jobs because they provide the best income - far from the case! - but because I'm interested in the topics to which they expose me. I'm a lifelong student, but one who values the community of learning. Therefore I'll be sharing what I learn thrice monthly, with a post apiece about what tunes strike me as tympanically pleasing, what words my eyes scroll over and what films (if not payed attention to for payment) tickled my film-loving fancy. At least three blogs a month? I think I can manage.
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Sarah said...

Please manage.