I'm taking a short sabbatical from the world. If you should need to get ahold of me before Saturday afternoon, Matt knows where I am.
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An observation...

Nothing is more awkward than pedaling home from the grocery store with two bags full balanced on your handlebars. Nothing looks more stupid than a grown man doing the same on one of those ridiculous kid-sized trick bikes. Lord, grant me some awkwardness soon before I drown in my own superiority.
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Following in Milla's steps...

I have dipped my toe into the pool of arts journalism. My first published article can be viewed here.

An addendum to yesterday's post - I went to the Boise Weekly to fill out my paperwork for them to print the article, and ended up walking out with a freelance writer position with them. They told me that I should e-mail them with proposals for stories, and they'll give me deadlines and space considerations. Thus, I shall probably be using the internet quite a bit more, and may be able to match the blogging powers of my "gainfully" employed sisters. But don't count on it.
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Cheeky Rudolph

This comes from a charming documentary called "Fonteyn and Nureyev - The Perfect Partnership." Photos from the North Idaho tour can be viewed here
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