Don't Try This @ Home!

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This journey is marked out by time

Life, perhaps, can be viewed as a contiguous series of events both momentus and mundane. This is sometimes a helpful outlook because we can measure our lives by these events, observing who we are before and after. They are the growth rings of our personal history. And they present us with an opportunity for a fresh start. This is the principle behind New Year's resolutions and Lent. Greater events can be an even more compelling impetus toward change and growth. In our journey toward virtue, it is vital to provide ourselves with guidemarks, beacons to remind ourselves where we've been, and therefore where we're going.
I recently took a respite from my normal life and was reminded of the necessity for personal time. I am therefore inspired to reform my daily habits a bit and allow myself to grow through reflection. Bring on the maturity!
This journey is marked out by timeSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend