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DISCLAIMER - I haven't the time to really blaaahg about my feelings, so I'm settling for telling you why my silence has dimmed in hue from bright golden to tarnished black through neglect. I will be making it up to y'all very soon. Or sometime soon. Or someday.

I've been hard at work lately - which is to say hard at being unemployed - but am still filling my time between dead end applications and dashed hopes of health benefits with several projects. First, as promised, here is the film I helped write and acted in for the i48|2009 competition. (Somehow we managed to turn a six minute short into a fourteen minute production) -


Beneath the Western Skyscraper from Ronn Seidenglanz on Vimeo.

I should perhaps mention that we won the best film award.

Secondly, I've been teaching modern and choreographing at the BSU Summer Dancefest. We begin week two on Monday, and thus far it's been a wonderful experience. I've neither taught nor choreographed before, so the week has been a crash-course learning experience for me as well. I have 26 students that I'm setting a piece on, and only half have been available up till this week, so I divided the piece in twain, using Rasputina's "Oh, Injury" for the first section, and "Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby" by Islands for the second -

"Oh, Injury!" - Rasputina

"Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby" - Islands

If you've read my blog for long (6+ months), you should be able to guess what event the work is inspired by.

I'm still working with my friend Johanna Kirk on some new work, am writing and flounderingly trying to sell ads for ULBoise Magazine and still have a standing commitment to the Boise Weekly. I recently was informed that one of my reviews was picked up by another alternative paper (somewhere midwestish?) so I'll be somewhere on a newsstand not near any of you!

Finally (well, not nearly finally but I'm supposed to be sleeping), I'm working on developing a script for Sidewayz Film. We're doing a retelling of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, for which we're holding auditions later this week.

Many, many exciting adventures. Many, many bills unpaid. Many, many winks (40) I should be catching. More to come...
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an inconvenient truth

I have much to say in the upcoming weeks, both about embarking on my second quarter century, what I've been up to (two photo shoots and a short film in a week!) and the various musings on what comes next in my hectic life.

In an effort to sate your feverish anticipation (you're all anxious, right?), here's a dance piece I recently performed in, choreographed by Kaelen O'Shea and performed at the Danny Peterson Theatre in Boise -
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