Happy New Year...

My one quasi-resolution - Get some real skills. Arting isn't doing it.

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The New Year

Things not invited back for 2009 -

1. Samuel L. Jackson

2. Ceramic mugs priced as fine art

3. The phrase "hustla"

4. Youtube parodies (exceptions apply)

5. Nancy Drew ghostwriters

6. Irresponsible vegan parenting

7. Fictional resurrection

8. Intimidating panhandling

9. Halitosis

10. Pirates, kittens, or any combination thereof
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New discoveries

Three natural phenomena that mankind had no way of experiencing until the technological advances of the previous century -

1. Jetlag

2. Sonic booms

3. Hydroplaning

Is it coincidence that all three occur because of speed? What are some others?
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High Wire

I just came across a great archived article about Philippe Petit, who's also the subject of a documentary I reviewed earlier this year. If either article intrigues you, I hope it also encourages you to find and rent the film.
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If you need a little pick-up

I thought this would help inspire me to go out and do something great...

Now I just want to sit down a watch movies. On a side note, while I did not review this, I did add some thoughts to the discussion of it.
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