It's just a suggestion, right?

Rather than actually meeting my editor's deadline today, I ran around doing errands and composing in my head a list of literal dead lines. Here's what I came up with.

1. The rope used to make a noose

2. The "I" in R.I.P. (depending on the font)

3. The flaming trail that arcs across the sky as you crash and burn

4. A disconnected phone (that was a gimme, I know)

5. A queue of zombies

6. Pure heroin (or is that cocaine? I can never get my drugs straight)

7. The wrinkles in Dick Clark's face

8. A firing squad

I don't really understand how my mind works.
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4 responses:

Sarah said...

Well this list is fantastic, but doesn't your editor read your blog? I believe I've seen her comment in the past. You might want to post a better excuse for why you didn't meet her deadline. On the other hand, she probably appreciates your mind for just what it is (that's why she puts up with you, right?) and she'll just laugh. Hopefully. Cause you really need that job.

Erin MJ said...

This is fantastic. I laughed out loud at #7... I think that makes me a bad person.

Valerie said...


Dad said...

NO ONE quite understands how your mind works. Never have, never will.