an inconvenient truth

I have much to say in the upcoming weeks, both about embarking on my second quarter century, what I've been up to (two photo shoots and a short film in a week!) and the various musings on what comes next in my hectic life.

In an effort to sate your feverish anticipation (you're all anxious, right?), here's a dance piece I recently performed in, choreographed by Kaelen O'Shea and performed at the Danny Peterson Theatre in Boise -
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4 responses:

liz said...

I am frozen in anticipation. I am hitting the refresh button again and again.

I'm particularly eager to hear of i48.

Sarah said...

Wow. I was floored. Your solo almost made me cry. Amazing choreography and dancing.

meg said...

It's so beautiful. YOU are a talent.

Megan said...

Lovely dance video. I'm so impressed!

Your silly little "horses hating hiatuses" makes me smile...