Mean Memes

It took down Marianne, then spread to Summer. Finally Sarah caught it and in a moment of supreme generosity passed it onto Meg and Val and Trespasser, i.e. myself. We spend so much time polishing our online personas and detailing our digital avatars, then a meme such as this sweeps away our fixed veneers. Here it is...

Take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW...no cheating, no makeup, no hair fixin, no extra primping....just as you are.

YOU THERE, HALT! I see you're thinking ahead to where this is going. It's too late, you're not allowed to step away before you finish this post.

Take said picture and post it on your blog. Tag a few friends. Hit publish. Painless, and yet so painful.



For the record, I knew as soon as I read the first line on Sarah's blog this was coming, but I faced it like a man. A GROWN MAN!!!
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5 responses:

Sarah said...

You look beautiful.

Marianne Elixir said...

I love it! I also really like your place!

Lori said...

Is this the thanks I get for admitting that I read your blog, Jeremy?? Or perhaps it is punishment from the gods for habitually perusing my favorite sites first thing in the morning, before getting work done and before dressing! Of course, it could just be one of those Murphy Law thingies that has to do with "if going to bed with wet hair, you will be seen by strangers the next morning before rectifying the mess". They all fit. At least I was saved by Grace, who was sitting on my lap as we read the edict, and thus my meme will appear not as horrid as it would have otherwise!

meg said...

you are precious.

liz said...

better late than never...can that be aptly applied here?