Think the Brontës were talented?

I may be a little too pleased but still honored and surprised to be included in this, as it makes me appear a bit more skilled than I am. But my sister looks phenomenal. I'm proud of how hard my school works to incorporate the arts into their curriculum. It isn't always a perfect fit, but the evidence of what many of the graduates are involved in speaks of its effectiveness. Equally amazing but much more gratifying is the recognition that my parents have bequeathed me an artistic heritage, and my sisters have given me the encouragement and incentive to build on this. I'm continually thrilled and inspired by the beauty and grace with which they live their lives, and determined to keep up on the expression-front.
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2 responses:

Sarah said...

Aww, you are just too sweet. And as now the most famous person in our family in several different disciplines, you are doing plenty of inspiring yourself.

Mm said...

Peter got a new guitar but Katie is going to town on it. Remember the Lawrence Welk show we did at the lake? I think we need to plan another soon.